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Welcome to the Computing Homework site

This site provides Computing teachers with an invaluable resource to support and consolidate classroom activities with meaningful homework tasks.

The resource includes exercises on text processing, modelling, data handling, programming, hardware, control, data representation, the BBC Micro:bit and many other topics.

The approach in developing the site's exercises is based on storytelling and humour. There is an emphasis on developing literacy within the material. To aid understanding, the exercises are supported by copious illustrations.

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What kind of things do students say about the exercises on the site?

Input-Output Devices
"About 30 minutes About right Enjoyed doing it Read the info given on page 1 to 5 properly It was a fun exercise and it does not need to be changed"

BBC micro:bit 1 SOS 1
"Really enjoyed doing it
you need to go onto micro bit to actually create your duplicate sound it was quite hard to understand what you had to do hence why i got 0% for my first attempt because i had not realised that i had to create my own matching sequence." (final attempt 100%)

"Building a Model for a Holiday - Make sure you complete the spreadsheet on the computer. I did it on paper first and it went wrong. No need to put in £ signs."

Intro. to Graphics "Really enjoyed doing it if you read all of it you will understand it more this is probably the best homework i have had so far in ict because it's more interesting it's like a book if you get into it u just cant stop. i started searching more about pixels haha lol"


Control 1
"Probably my fave piece of ICT homework not too easy and not to hard :)"


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