About the BBC Micro:bit


A Guest login allows visitors to access the sample exercises on the site. These can be viewed and can also be submitted for marking on the site. Guests have access to about twenty sample exercises. These provide a good introduction to the site's materials. Additionally, Guests can access all of the site's BBC Micro:bit exercises.

The first generation of the site's exercises were PDF based. These exercises required the use of Adobe's Reader plugin software. These PDF exercises were withdrawn in March 2016 because of changes in browser support for the Reader plugin.

The new generation of the site's exercises are based on HTML5. However, these exercises still use the same page layout design as the PDF versions.

These HTML5 exercises will run on Windows, Android and IOS devices. These include PCs, laptops and tablets.

The exercises require the user to have an up-to-date version of their preferred browser and a minimum screen width of 960 pixels.

If, as a Guest, you have found the site to be potentially useful in supporting the delivery of computing in your school, you may like to take the opportunity to request a free month's trial.

Details of our free trial offer are available from this link.