About the Site

The Site

This site provides a subscription based on-line homework service to support the teaching of Computing and Digital Literacy in secondary schools.

The materials on the site are targeted at KS3 students. Some of our exercises may also be used to support KS4 activities. The site exercises are mapped against the descriptors of the National Curriculum for Computing.

The exercises are most effective when they are integrated into a scheme of work. Some of the exercises may be set blind. However, students will derive most benefit if the exercises form part of a narrative that is based on their classroom activities.

The site exercises work well as starters and in plenary activities. Students can discuss the material as a class prior to completing the exercises on-line for homework.

Upon completion of an on-line activity, a student can submit the work for marking. Marked work is returned to the student immediately and the results are also written to our database. This enables teachers to generate reports on how their students have got on.

The site is designed to be fast and responsive. The administrative functions are particularly quick. A typical teacher with half-a-dozen teaching groups can log onto the site, run reports to see how his or her students have been getting on; set new homework tasks and log out in well under two minutes.

The Users

The site is set up for four distinct types of users: students, their teachers, Curriculum Managers (CMs) and school Database Administrators (DBAs).

Students and teachers have access to all of the exercises on the site. Teachers additionally have access to reporting and administrative functions, such as the setting of homework tasks and the resetting of student passwords.

Students are also able to run their own reports. They are able to see what homework has been set for them. They can see their results and can also repeat the exercises to improve their marks. This can be very motivating for students. The exercises on the site are linked to our own site specific level descriptors. These are also reported to students as they complete each exercise.

Teachers are able to manage all the classes that they are linked to. By contrast, a Curriculum Manager is able the monitor the activities of all students and classes within his or her institution. The role of a Curriculum Manager may be filled by a Head of Department, a KS co-ordinator or perhaps by a Head of Faculty.

School DBAs are responsible for maintaining the data for their school on our database server. Typically, this may mean amending a student's teaching group when a student moves to a different teaching set. School DBAs are also able to add new student records. This covers the scenario, for example, where a new student joins a school part way through the academic year. DBAs can also reassign teachers to different teaching sets if the need arises.