Q. Do we need any special software or hardware to use this site service?

A. These are the site requirements:

  • To run the site's exercises, an HTML5 compatible browser is required.
  • A minimum screen width of 960 pixels is recommended for the exercises.
  • JavaScript needs to be enabled.

Q. How much will it cost for our school to take out a subscription?

A. The cost is dependent upon the number of students that will be using our site. See our pricing page for details.

Q. How do teachers manage their students' homework exercises?

A. When a teacher logs in, his or her groups and students are filtered against the Login ID. It is then a straightforward operation to run reports for these classes and students, for example to set homework for a particular class or to get the marks achieved by a particular student for a particular exercise.

Q. Why can I not change the class details of my students?

A. Student data is normally managed centrally by a school database administrator (DBA). It is the responsibility of this person to ensure that student data is accurate and up to date. If individual teachers were enabled to amend student data on our site, then, inevitably, the data would not be synchronised with the school's database system. For this reason, we provide a separate account to enable school DBAs to manage school data on our database server.

Q. Is it possible to export student exercise data from the site?

A. Yes. The site reports enable teachers to export exercise data as CSV files. These can be opened directly from the site by Microsoft Excel or they can be saved to a local disk.

Q. If there is something lacking in terms of an appropriate exercise to support our students, can we ask for it be provided?

A. We welcome requests for new exercises. There is a termly cycle for developing new material.

Q. How do we place an order and how long will it take for the student accounts to be activated?

A. Full details of how to place an order are available here. Login accounts can generally be setup within 24 hours. If there are problems with the login data supplied by a school then the setup process can take a little longer.

Typical problems with data include: students who are not allocated to classes, teachers who are not linked to classes, classes that contain no students, non-existent classes, duplicate student records, etc.

Q. How should we send Daisy-i our school's login data?

A. You can upload your data to our site using a DBA account that we will set up for you.

Q. If we decide that we don't want to subscribe, can we cancel an order?

A. A school can cancel a subscription - without incurring any cost - within 30 days of placing an order. After 30 days, the school will be liable for the full cost of the annual subscription.