Pricing for using the computing homework service is given below.
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Prices valid until August 31st 2022

No of Students Annual Subscription Cost per Student *
* The cost per student figure is derived by dividing the annual subscription cost by the maximum number of students in each band. This figure is a pricing guide.
When placing an order, please use the annual subscription column figures.

Costs and Benefits

The cost per student of our service ranges from about £1.24 per student for the very smallest schools, to about 28 pence per student for the largest schools.

The cost for a typical 6-form entry school is about 36 pence per student. This compares favourably with photocopied worksheets or homework booklets especially when time is factored into the equation.

To really see the value of our service in perspective, consider this: 36 pence is less than the price for a small bar of chocolate; contrast the benefit that this provides with that of a year's meaningful homework activities to support the development of computing and digital literacy.

Here are ten tangible benefits of using our service:

  1. The materials are designed to promote the revised National Curriculum.
  2. The exercises are engaging and interactive.
  3. The exercises will link easily into existing schemes of work.
  4. The exercises will help to promote literacy within computing.
  5. The online nature of the exercises makes it very easy to introduce the exercise activities through plenary sessions.
  6. KS3 coordinators will save time in not having to organise copying and distribution of homework sheets or booklets.
  7. Curriculum teams will save time in not having to collect, mark and redistribute worksheets.
  8. Collating marks for year groups is a straightforward matter: teachers can easily export student marks from our system.
  9. Students cannot claim that homework has not been set. The system records the date when teachers set homework and students can always run a report to see what homework has been set for their class. This also overcomes the problem of students not having their planners available to record homework tasks.
  10. If a student is absent for any length of time, he or she can easily be directed to the appropriate exercises on our site. The site can provide support not only for the students who are absent through long-term illness, but also for students who belong to the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.