Privacy Policy


The purpose of using personal information provided to us by an institution is to enable us to offer our service to the institution concerned.

The following personal data are required by Daisy-i to enable us to offer our service to teaching institutions:

Pupil Data

First Name
NC Year

Pupil first name and surname are used initially to enable pupils to log in to use our service. Subsequently, they are used to link to the work that pupils complete on our site.

First name and surname are also used on screen to confirm ownership of the session that pupils are using.

Gender is used to monitor gender bias in our teaching materials.

NC Year is used to monitor teaching materials against year groups.

Class is used to link pupils to teachers.

Teacher Data

Teacher First Name
Teacher Surname
Teacher Email

Teacher first name and surname are used to link to the classes that teachers teach. They are also used to enable teachers to login to our service. A teacher's email adderss is used to provide a termly newsletter. It is also required if a teacher needs to reset his or her password.

Additional Personal Data

We will hold personal data about a contact person from the institution. These data will be used for administrative purposes.

Reporting and Data Access - Access is password controlled

Pupil data are used to create reports on the work that they have completed. Pupils can access reports related to their work.

Teachers can access reports related to their classes.

Teachers can also export data from our data server for their institution to use on their local machines.

A nominated person from an institution can add, amend or delete individual pupil records for their institution.

Other Personal Data

Any personal data collected about visitors to the site will only be used to inform them of the service.

Sharing/Selling/Disclosing of Personal Data

We will not share your personal data with third parties.

We will not sell your personal data to a third party.

We will not disclose your personal data to a third party without your consent (unless legally required to do so).


We will take every reasonable precaution to protect the personal information supplied to us. Personal data will be held on a secure, access controlled server. The server will be secured both physically and by means of software mechanisms.

Notification of Changes

If we make a change to this privacy policy, we will post a notification on the service web site. We will also notify subscribing institutions by email.

Data Protection Act

All personal data will be collected and processed in compliance with GDPR.

Registration with the Information Commissioner's Office

We are registered with the office of the Information Commissioner for processing personal data. Our registration number is: Z1451539.