Welcome to the autumn 2010 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of changes that have been made to the icthomework site over the past term.

Student homework reports have been modified

Students have two reports to help them to manage their homework tasks:

   1. See all your results
   2. See all your homeworks

The See all your results report gives students three sets of marks for their homework exercises. This report has been modified so that zeros are no longer shown in the marks column where a student has not attempted an exercise. See the M2 and M3 columns in Fig.1 below.

The See all your homeworks report used to simply show the homeworks set for students. This report has also been modified.

The second report now also shows the best results for completed homeworks. This enables students to see at-a-glance the homeworks that have yet to be completed as well as their best results for completed homeworks. See Fig. 2 below

Once a student has completed his or her homework tasks, the relevant homework tasks are removed from the set homework table and are moved to the completed homework table. See Fig. 3 below.

Tom Brown's results Fig. 1

Tom Brown's results Fig. 2

Tom Brown's revised homeworks Fig. 3

Comments page

A comments page has been added to the site. A link to this page appears after students complete an exercise.

The comments page features an exercise feedback form. The form enables students to provide anonymous feedback on the exercise that they have just completed.

As a result of student feedback, we are now modifying a number of exercises to include short animations. These revised exercises will be available on the site early in the New Year.