Welcome to the summer 2010 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of new exercises that have been added to the icthomework site over the past term.

New exercises - June 28th 2010

Additional exercises on spreadsheet functions have been added to the Modelling section of the exercises menu. These look in detail at the SUM and IF functions. A number of Common Spreadsheet Functions, such as AVERAGE, MEDIAN and MODE are also covered. These exercises are supported by interactive models like the example below:

SUM model

An exercise entitled Database Sorting data has been added to the Database Searching section. This exercise covers the idea of nested sorting.


An exercise which explores the idea of gestural interfaces and People as Input Devices has been added to the Hardware section. This supplements the other input/output exercise in this section.

New exercises - April 26th 2010

ICT students have a great deal of exposure to software tools. As a consequence, they are fairly adept at manipulating virtual environments. They are perhaps less aware of the physical tools that are available to support virtual activities.

To help students to develop a greater appreciation of the hardware that supports their curriculum, we have added a new Hardware section to the exercises menu. This contains exercises on Keyboard Shortcuts, Input/Output Devices, Storage and Ports.