Welcome to the spring 2011 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of changes that have been made to the icthomework site over the past term.

Site surveys

We have recently carried out two site surveys. The first on the site in general and the second on the recently released animation additions to a small group of exercises.

We have begun to respond to the results of these surveys and will continue to do so over the course of this year. This newsletter highlights some of the early responses.

Logging in procedure

Some schools reported that a number of students found it difficult to remember the school's postcode and that this was causing unnecessary difficulty when logging in.

To address this issue, we have now introduced the use of an alias for the school postcode. This is typically the school's name or an abbreviation of the name. To make the alias even simpler to remember, the alias has a minimum length requirement of just four characters.

School Database Administrators

A number of requests were made by school DBA's:

1. To be able to reset a student password from any screen.

This has been addressed. Appropriate links are now available on all the screens that a DBA sees.

2. To be able to search for a student without having to first identify the student's teaching group.

This has been addressed. It is now possible to search for a student without having to go via the student's teaching group. See fig.1 below.

3. To be able to manage a teacher's teaching groups locally.

This has been addressed. We have now added the functionality for school DBA's to manage all the links between teachers and teaching groups. See fig. 2 below.

Amend a Student Record

Student search
Fig. 1

Manage Teachers and Groups

Manage Teachers and groups
Fig. 2

Further developments

We are continuing to develop animation support for a number of exercises that students have commented on.

We are also developing a new set of exercises to support programming activities.

We would welcome your suggestions on either of these developments. To do this, you can either use the suggestions page on the site or you can email directly to: