Welcome to the autumn 2012 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of changes that have been made to the icthomework site over the past term.

New exercises

We have added a new exercise section to the site entitled, Computer Networks. This section contains three new exercises. These are listed below:

Network Basics
Peer-to-Peer Networks
Client-Server Networks

Network Basics introduces the idea of networks in a very general way and is suitable for all students across KS3. The exercises on Peer-to-Peer Networks and Client-Server Networks build on Network Basics. These are suitable for Yr8/Yr9 students.

New administrative functionality for teachers

We have added new administrative functionality to support teachers. This is exposed though a new accordion interface. Three new functions have been added.

Teachers can now add marks manually when students are not able to submit an exercise for automatic marking. Teachers can also reset a student's third attempt at an exercise. This functionality is exposed through a new menu option entitled Managing Exceptions. See fig 1:

set homework 1

Fig. 1

Additional support for school Database Administrators

It is now possible for school DBAs to upload school data via the icthomework site. This functionality is exposed through a new menu option entitled File Transfer. See fig 2:

Teacher Menu

Fig. 2

New Developments

We are developing an additional set of exercises to support programming using Python. We hope to release these in the summer of 2013.

We would welcome your suggestions on further developments. To do this, you can either use the suggestions page on the site or you can email directly to: