Welcome to the summer 2012 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of changes that have been made to the icthomework site over the past term.

Revised homework setting form

We have revised the form that is used to set homework tasks. Teachers can now set homework for multiple classes in a single pass. The new form is described below:

set homework 1

Fig. 1
Key for fig 1:

1. Select the topic for this homework task.
2. Select the related homework task.
3. Check boxes list the year groups for your classes. These can be used to filter classes by year groups.
4. Curriculum Managers are able to list all the year groups for their school; they can also filter by this same button to see just their own year groups.
5. Dates can be entered using a date-picker control.
6. Fill-down arrows can be used to replicate dates for all classes.
7. Dates can be cleared from a column by using the Clear Dates buttons.
8. Check boxes are used to select classes that are to be assigned a homework task.
9. There is a select all check box to enable all classes to be set a particular task.

Fig 2 below shows the form being used to set a homework task:

set homework 2

Fig. 2
Key for fig 2:

10. Two classes have been selected for this homework task.
11. The rows of the selected classes have been highlighted in pink; the remaining blue row in the middle will be ignored.

Fig 3 shows what happens when the Save Homework to Disk button is pressed.

set homework 3

Fig. 3
Key for fig 3:

12. The class that was not selected has been removed.
13. There is now an opportunity to confirm or to cancel the setting of this homework task.

Fig 4 in this series confirms that the tasks have been saved to disk.

set homework 4

Fig. 4

Support for school Database Administrators

We have added new functionality to support school DBAs. It is now possible for DBAs to add/amend/delete records for teachers and classes as well as for students. This functionality is exposed through a new accordion interface:

Teacher Menu

Fig. 5

Fig 6 shows the form that is used by DBAs to create a new teacher record. After a new teacher record is created, the teacher can be assigned to teaching groups through the Manage teachers and groups option: see fig 5 above.

Teacher form

Fig. 6


New Developments

We are developing additional administrative functionality for teachers. Specifically, we will enable teachers to add or amend exercise scores manually. We will also enable teaches to give students additional attempts at exercise tasks.

For DBAs we will be providing a file upload facility as an alternative to sending data to us via email.

We are also developing a new set of exercises to enable students to develop some understanding of Computer Networks.

We would welcome your suggestions on further developments. To do this, you can either use the suggestions page on the site or you can email directly to: