Welcome to the autumn 2013 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of changes that have been made to the icthomework site over the past term.

Revised exercises

We have revised twelve of the site's exercises. All of these exercises featured multimedia, which was embedded inside PDF files.

This multimedia content will now play in floating windows. The revisions have enabled us to enlarge the size of the play area.

In response to student feedback, we have also replaced the text-to-speech agent narration in these files with natural voice recordings.

These exercises are listed below:

Control Level Crossing 1
Control Level Crossing 2
Database Searching Database Sorting
Graphics Working with Bitmap Tools
Graphics Modifying Bitmap Images
Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts
Modelling Key spreadsheet Features
Modelling Building a Model - Holiday
Programming - Scratch X, Y Coordinates
Programming - Scratch Collision Detection
Programming - Scratch Message Passing
Programming - Scratch Using Lists

Changes for Curriculum Managers

The default setting for Curriculum Managers was for them to initially see all the classes within their schools on all management screens. A button click was then required for CMs to filter their own classes so that they could manage their own students.

In response to user feedback, this has now been reversed so that the default filter for CMs is to see their own classes in the first instance. A button click will now be required for CMs to bring up all the classes within their schools.

New Developments

We are continuing to develop a second batch of Python exercises. These are now expected to be released in The New Year.

We would welcome your suggestions on further developments. To do this, you can either use the suggestions page on the site or you can email directly to: