Welcome to the summer 2014 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of changes that have been made to the Computing Homework site over the past term.

New exercises

We have added a third batch of exercises on Python. These exercise are designed to introduce students to repetition in Python.

One of these exercises also introduces the Python turtle module. This will enable schools to build on earlier work done with logo's turtle graphics. These exercises are listed below:

Repetition 1 - for loop with numbers 5 minutes 47 seconds
Repetition 2 - for loop with lists 8 minutes 03 seconds
Repetition 3 - for loop with logo 12 minutes 03 seconds
Repetition 4 - while loop with numbers 2 minutes 50 seconds
Repetition 5 - number guessing game 8 minutes 40 seconds

Student's Guide

An animated student's guide has been added to the site. This covers all of the functionality exposed through a student's menu options.

New Developments

We are currently working on a new batch of exercises on computer files. These will be released in the autumn term.

We will also be adding additional reporting functionality to the site to enable schools to compare average results across teaching groups.

We would welcome your suggestions on further developments. To do this, you can either use the suggestions page on the site or you can email directly to: