Welcome to the summer 2015 newsletter

This newsletter contains details of changes that have been made to the Computing Homework site over the past term.

HTML5 versions of exercises

We are in the process of converting the site's PDF exercises to HTML5 format. These exercises are designed to run across all platforms that support HTML5. These include Android and IOS devices. These exercises can be used by schools alongside the PDF versions.

An initial batch of half-a-dozen of the new HTML5 exercises has been added to the site. We would welcome feedback on these exercises. This will help us to ensure that we meet fully the needs of our subscribing schools.

Feedback can be sent via sales at daisy-i point comm, or via suggestions at daisy-i point comm.

We are also happy to receive requests for particular exercises to be made available in HTML5 format by the beginning of September. We anticipate that around 50 of the new exercises will be available by the beginning of the autumn term.

The new HTML5 exercises are listed below:

HTML5 versions of exercises
 Exercise TopicExercise Title
Bits and Bytes Number Bytes
Database Construction Data Types
Hardware Input Output Devices
Health and Safety Desks, Chairs and Cables
Modelling Key Spreadsheet Features
Programming - Scratch Communication and Control

The HTML5 versions of the exercises appear in the Exercises Menu to the right of the PDF versions as shown here:

Exercises menu

Likewise, when homeworks are set for students, the HTML5 version appears alongside the PDF version. An example of what students may see on their homeworks page is shown here :

Set homeworks

NB: The marking system will not distinguish between homeworks that are submitted in PDF or in HTML5 format. The system will still record up to three attempts for each exercise regardless of which format students choose to submit their completed exercises.

Price Increases

Our prices will be increasing from September 1st. Details of prices are available from our prices page:

https://www.computinghomework.com/content/pricing.php .

NB: The price increases WILL NOT apply to existing subscribers. Schools that have a current subscription, or schools that take out a subscription before the 31st August, will continue to be charged at the current price rates.

New Developments

We are continuing to prioritise the conversion of our existing exercises to HTML5 format. We anticipate that around 100 of the exercises will have been converted by the end of the year. We hope to complete this process early in the New Year.

We would welcome your suggestions on further developments. To do this, you can either use the suggestions page on the site or you can email directly to: