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BBC Micro:bit

BBC Micro:bit exercises
 Exercise TopicExercise Title
BBC Microbit Microbit 1 - SOS Beeps
BBC Microbit Microbit 2 - SOS Lights
BBC Microbit Microbit 3 - Compass 1
BBC Microbit Microbit 4 - Compass 2

Levels and grading

In view of the move to a 9-1 grading system for KS4 courses, we are currently reviewing the use of levels and grading on the site. We would welcome input from schools on this issue.

New Developments

We are planning to release further batches of exercises for the BBC Micro:bit in October and in November. These exercies will be prefaced by relevant chapters from, The BBC Micro:bit and The Moon Dust Aliens.

We would welcome your suggestions on further developments. To do this, you can either use the suggestions page on the site or you can email directly to: