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Uploading Login Data

Bulk Upload for Login Data
Options for Schools
1 Renewing a Subscription
2 Free Trial
3 Free Trial Completed
4 New Subscription
Notes on Upload Options
1. Renewing Subscription Except for your DBA login accounts, all of your existing data will be deleted before your new data is uploaded. The DBA accounts will be unaffected; there is no need to recreate these.
2. Free Trial New school: your trial data will be uploaded.
(Maximum numbers: 64 Students; 4 Teachers; 4 Classes)
3. Free Trial Completed Free trial completed: now seeking to take out a new subscription. Your new data will be added to the trial data.
4. New
New subscription: without having completed a free trial. Your data will be uploaded to the site.

Special Provision for Uploading Login Data

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